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India's first virtual mailbox service

This innovative concept is bound to make your life comfortable with its simple, secure and easy to use system. Without much-a-do, you have uninterrupted access to your mails.

Global Access

Whether you travel a lot or stay overseas, your virtual mailbox will go with you anywhere and everywhere you be.

Contemporary way to get mails

Get postal mails and packages from all couriers and decide whether to open, scan, forward or trash. Just that easy!

Conveniently online

Don’t wait to read your important mails. For your ease and convenience, we send it scanned within 2 hours at your email inbox.

Real mailbox address

Give a professional image to your website and business cards & build trust with your clients by adding a real street address.

Hide personal details

Have a command on your publicly available information. Virtual mailbox lets you protect your personal details from getting viral online.

Mail storage security

We store your data, encrypted with high security and regular backups on multiple hard disks, without letting hackers hamper it.